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Adding value to your organization by making your instruments work efficiently -- calibration and repairing services...supplier of precision testing instruments, precision measuring instruments, gauges, calibration master instruments spare parts, dimensional products, calibration products, electrical products, etc.

About Us


Preciseness and performance are the two factors that hold importance in an instrument or equipment. Calibration and repairing from the right service provider helps a manufacturing company or laboratory to stick to cost effectiveness in production or testing. Maxell Measurements is a Calibration Laboratory engaged in calibration and repairing of all types of instruments. The company is a leading service provider in its segment in the country.

We are also a well known supplier of Precision Testing Instruments, Precision Measuring Instruments, Gauges, Calibration Master Instruments Spare Parts, Dimensional Products, Calibration Products, Electrical Products, etc. These products are available at reasonable prices for total customer satisfaction. We ensure timely delivery through a well connected marketing network across the country.

Service Specialization


Maxell Measurements specializes in the calibration and repairing of all types of instruments. We are equipped with highly accurate and precise instruments of the latest technology. National and international guidelines and all necessary cares are taken in our laboratory for the calibration process.

Our calibration reports are approved for all ISO, ISI certification, Third Party Inspection and Government Organizations. In addition to our services, we also provide photocopies of National / International / NPL / NABL traceability along with calibration certificates.

The company believes that one of the reasons behind a successful organization is its error free instruments. We are committed to making your organization successful through our quality calibration services.

We also conduct calibration at the client's site. The rates offered by us are very competitive and reasonable compared to other laboratories and prompt service is our hallmark.

Our Calibration & Repairing Facilities are available for:

  • Eter, Inside Micrometer, Vernier Caliper, Profile Projector Measuring Tape, Measuring Scale, Dial Indicator, Bore Gauge, Filler Gauge, Thread Plug Gauge, Thread Ring Gauge, Snap Gauge, Plain Plug Gauge, Plain Ring Gauge, Length Gauge, Height Gauge, Thickness Gauge, Level Bottle, Depth Gauge, Bevel Protector, Combination Set, Right Angle
  • Pressure: Pressure Gauge, Pressure Switch, Safety Valve, Pressure Indicator
  • Temperature: Temperature Indicator, Temperature Controller, Sensor, Thermocouple, Thermometer, Temperature Gauge, Temperature Calibrator, Humidity Hygrometer, Humidity Chamber, Incubator
  • Electrical Volt Meter, Ampere Meter, Frequency Meter, Resistance Meter, Watt Meter, Multimeter, Clamp Meter, Megger, Current Transformer, High Voltage Tester, KV Meter, Insulation Tester, mV Meter, mA Meter, Leakage Current Meter Time Stop Watch, Timer, RPM Tachometer, RPM Meter, Mtr/Min. Meter, Mass Weighing Balance, Weight Box, Laboratory Moisture Balance, Oven, Muffle Furnace, Water Bath, Humidity Chamber, Incubator, Hydrometer, Heating Plate, Viscosity Cup, B4 Cup, B6 Cup, Iwata Cup, Zahn Cup, pH Meter and all laboratory glassware like Burette, Pipette, Flask, Measuring Cylinder and all special purpose instruments.


Brands We Deal in


We deal in some of the leading brands like Mitutoyo, Mahr, Sylvec, Jafuji, Insize, Aerospace, Graph, Adis, Baker, KCP, Unity, Lutron too name a few.


  • Treading: Precision Testing Instruments, Precision Measuring Instruments Gauges, and Calibration Master Instruments Spare Parts    
  • Dimensional: Slip Gauge Box, Surface Plate, Micrometers Vernier Caliper, Measuring Tape, Measuring Scale, Dial Indicator, Bore Gauge, Filler Gauge, Height Gauge, Thickness Gauge, Spirit Level, Depth Gauge, Bevel Protector, Combination Set, Right Angle Sine Bar, Surface Roughness Tester, Surface Roughness Tester Stand, Dial Stand, Comparator Stand, Pai Tape  
  • Calibration Master Instruments: Slip Gauge Set, Micrometer Checker, Caliper Checker, Slip Gauge Accessories, Dial Calibration Tester, Linier Probe
  • Gauges: Snap Gauge, Plain Plug Gauge, Plain Ring Gauge, Length Gauge, Height Gauge, Special     Gauges, Profile Gauge
  • Electrical Products: Clamp Meter, Multi Meter, Tachometer, Universal Calibrator, Non Contact Pyrometer, Thermometer, Sound Level, Lux Meter, Vibration Tester.


Quality Commitment

We follow a quality control system  at par with the international standards. Our quality personnel ensure supply of flawless products to the end users at all times as well as excellent calibration and repairing services.

Maxell Measurements is well backed by a dexterous workforce comprising of engineers, designers, quality analysts, research personnel, supervisors, marketing executives, amongst others, who execute every task keeping quality parameters in mind.

Our excellent repairing knowledge, ensuring accurate, consistent & reliable performance of instruments, have fetched us the trust of many valued clients from across the country.